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My Mission:
Educate individuals, families, and parents of all children on simple ways to improve their health and that of their children through lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition. I want to meet you where you are; wherever that may be in your journey. I’m here to help!


  • Teaching participants the basics of lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition in classes that have been developed by Dr. William Sears, Martha Sears, R.N. and Sean Foy, M.A.
  • Providing participants with the tools and techniques to implement a healthy lifestyle for themselves and/or with their children.  
  • Providing a safe and positive setting where participants have the freedom to openly share their struggles regarding nutrition.
  • Encouraging participants to set goals and holding them accountable! I want to cheer for your victories and support you when you need it most.

Looking for a personal chef in the Portland, OR or surrounding area? Look no further. Services vary by individual needs and number of meals. Contact me so we can chat about what works best for you! contact me for pricing and availability


WORKSHOPS prices vary; contact me for pricing and availability!
20 participants or less; great for families, workplaces, social groups and communities

One-on-One Coaching prices vary; contact me for pricing and availability!
If you can’t make it to a workshop, let’s do this together; just you and me! You’ll get all the information from the workshops tailored to your specific goals and in the comfort of your own home.

LEAN-start-logo.pngThis program is designed to be facilitated as either a six- or three-week class (be it in a workshop setting or as one-on-one sessions) where families and parents of children ages 3 – 12 years old (and beyond!) meet for one hour per week and learn 12 components of the L.E.A.N. Start program, including, but not limited to Traffic Light Eating, the Truth about Fats and Powering up with Protein and Play. These concepts and many others are communicated through hands on activities and group discussion facilitated by Karen! As part of the class, parents will receive a L.E.A.N. Start Parent’s Guide and a simple and healthy snack each week.


LEAN-Essentials-logoThis program is designed to be facilitated as a one-time, two-hour class where families, parents of children ages 3 -12 years old (and beyond!) meet and learn simple strategies to enhance their children’s and their own health through topics like Traffic Light Eating, Brainy Breakfasts and Watering their growing children. These topics are similar to the topics taught in L.E.A.N. Start, however the time allotted to each topic is very brief and less in depth than L.E.A.N. Start. L.E.A.N. Essentials was designed to encourage clients who are less certain about the concept of good nutrition to attend a one-time class. Many who attend a L.E.A.N. Essentials class also attend a L.E.A.N. Start class as they learn how simple and effective the concepts in the programs are to implement into their busy lives. As part of the class, participants will receive a L.E.A.N. Essentials Booklet and a simple healthy snack.


PTH-logo.pngThis program is designed to be facilitated as four individual, ninety-minute classes. These classes can be taken one at a time or as a series and are for those in the health prevention and/or repair mindset. Each session is appropriate for those in “prime-time” years of their life (40+), but is useful to anyone who considers themselves to be in their prime! As part of the class, participants will receive the appropriate Prime-Time Health workbook, a healthy snack, and we suggest acquiring a copy of the book, Prime-Time Health by Dr. William Sears or one can be provided for you at an additional cost. The four classes include:

  • Open Your Internal Pharmacy: Learn about the keys, and the science behind your body’s internal pharmacy.  You can help your body produce these custom-made medicines and be in charge of your health.
  • Make Health Your Hobby: Understand how the body works and focus on making good choices for great health every day.
  • Move Waste from your Waist: Waist size is a strong indicator of our overall health!  Find out how to remove toxic waste and eliminate the health-harming chemicals that are produced by belly fat.
  • Live Without Pain and Inflammation: Inflammation literally means the body’s immune system is on fire.  Learn the primary causes, and ways to reduce inflammation throughout the body.


Online Coaching
No #FOMO here; can’t make it to any of the in person sessions? Don’t be sad, the internet is great! It’s just like the one-on-one coaching sessions only online. It doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?

Other stand-alone services include:
Pantry Make-Over – If you’re interested in starting (or restarting) with healthier eating habits, then a pantry makeover is a perfect first step! With healthy options at your fingertips, there’s no space for tempting food.

Smart Shopping – Are you looking to eat well on a budget? Let’s go shopping together; wherever you love to shop! We’ll take our time to read labels and find ingredients to keep you and your wallet happy and healthy.

Menu Planning – Need help planning your families meals? Maybe you need a push to get going on your own meal prepping. I can help you set up a weekly or monthly menu to keep you and your family fed well morning, noon and night.

HOW TO: Cooking for One (or Two) – Let’s get cooking! I’ll show you some basic kitchen know-how, and show you the best way to shop and cook for one (or two) at home. We’ll talk about some of your favourite dishes and find new ways to make them healthier with better and more nutritious ingredients.

HOW TO: Cooking for a Family – Same idea as cooking for one (or two) but we’re going to make this a family affair! Kid-friendly and it gets everyone involved in the kitchen.

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