My name is Karen Dooley and I want to see you T H R I V E.

Since having weight loss surgery in 2014, I have dedicated my life to finding a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. I’ve used my instagram @kiwithetattooedlady as a way to share my life post-weight loss; the good, the bad and the ugly.

My passion lies in cooking and nutrition; finding new ways to make old favourites a part of your daily diet. I’ve struggled my entire life as an overweight person – dealing with eating disorders and body image problems, even after reaching my “goal weight.” I want to help others understand that we as individuals are more than just a number on the scale. My focus as a health coach is not on quick-fix weight loss or diet plans; it’s about eating and living better for life.

I post recipes often and you can now check out my S E R V I C E S page. Take a look around, let me know if there’s a recipe YOU want to see revamped and let’s get healthy!